Ready to Buy a Timeshare?

Save Money

You can save tens of thousands of dollars by purchasing a vacation ownership from an existing owner rather than buying directly from the developer.  We can answer all your questions on the other differences between buying resale and buying retail, which vary based on the program and the resort.

Owning vs. Renting

If you are committed to taking vacations, it may make more sense to own a vacation property rather than renting accommodations.  Especially true for such a high demand destination as Hawaii, the nightly maintenance fee cost of ownership is considerably lower than the nightly cost of a hotel or vacation rental.  In addition, owners are not subject to resort fees, parking fees and the GET and TAT taxes that are imposed on top of rates for renters in Hawaii.  Thus, owners are saving thousands of dollars that they would otherwise spend by renting each time they go on vacation.  Because they have title to a fee simple deed, owners have an asset that they can sell in the future to justify their initial investment or transfer to their heirs so they may save on vacations as a family legacy.

Exchange Options

All branded vacation clubs have several exchange options that allow owners to trade to high quality resorts either internally within the brand’s network or externally with other brands worldwide.  Our professionals can provide all the details on how to best take advantage of these options if you want flexibility and variety with your ownership.

Rental Value

Owners of vacation clubs in Hawaii who may not want to return to their home resort in a given year have the benefit of getting substantial value by renting their reservation. Rental proceeds may pay for another vacation that is not offered through the exchange options or provide more value than what could be achieved through an exchange.

Availability of Fee Simple Deeded Weeks

Many branded vacation clubs have moved or will be moving away from selling weeks that are deeded in Hawaii in favor of a points program that is deeded elsewhere and does not guarantee reservations at a specific resort or with a specific unit size or view category.  Most of these clubs have sold out of all or most of their weeks inventory, leaving the resale market as the only avenue to acquire a deeded week that will address your specific needs giving you a guarantee of location, size of unit, time of year and view category.